Space Channel 5 - Level 1 Failure

In memory of Owen, I plugged up the Sega Dreamcast & purchased Space Channel 5 from ebay. It is not a game I had in my collection, dancing & music games are non existent. You play Ulala a news reporter who has to pull off dance moves to save humans whilst blasting aliens. It is a repetition game in that the aliens will do the moves first & then it's your turn to do the moves. Obviously timing & remembering the moves is all there is to the game. Owen had great difficulty playing this game and wrote on his blog 22/04/2006 that he would try again in 5 years time. Sadly Owen is no longer with us, so it was down to his friends (UGVM, RLLMUK, BETEO & others) to attempt this on his behalf.
The first level has a viewing figure of 15% to pass it, on my first attempt I really messed up the timing & got a dreadfully low score. My boys then had a turn and managed to do better than me with Abbas getting 10%, another attempt by me had me only managing 12%

Owen it is not just you I hated playing the game I was sure I was pressing the buttons on time but it would not register, I found it very frustrating.

I'll try again next year

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