GT5 - PS3 Online

Online Gaming - This has been the defining technology for me this console generation. The xbox 360 does it very well, combined with chat & friends list you can pick up any title & within a matter of minutes be playing with a friend.

Gran Turismo 5 was the guinea pig for my first PS3 online test. I managed to sync up my bluetooth headset quite easily & loaded up the game. Finding the online access in the game was well hidden but thanks to some advice from Hurricane Pilot I managed to find his private lobby.

We had a very decent turnout with 7 or 8 at times coming and going throughout the evening. It's difficult to know who is talking in the lobby because you do not get a flashing speaker icon like the 360. But after a while we managed to figure out who was who or at least those of us that had mics. The voice quality was very good & I would say maybe even better than the 360.

It was now game time, choose a car & the correct tyres (always racing:soft). You then have the option to do a free run on the track or start the race which gives all players a 30 seconds countdown to get to the track. I am quite a bullish racer & my bump & pass tactics helped me get ahead. Only up until the next sharp corner where I would go straight on into the wall because I did not brake enough. A crazy rally track, provided the most entertainment for us just by trying to keep the car going forward & to stop it slipping or sliding all over the place, I finished 1st. A few race's later we played a city track with Golf GTI's I started 1st on the grid & changed my driving style to a more focused approach & making sure I was taking the best lines on corners in the correct gears. I managed to finish 1st in the event but more importantly it changed my driving style for the remainig races from a mad man to a more realistic approach. I wished I had gone for the option to save my replay's for glory & to also see where I could improve my driving.

Throughly enjoyable evening of racing & one I hope will become a weekly PMG fixture.
same agin next week please

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