Blog Update - Completed Games

No more youtube reviews for completed games, I just don't have the free time to create these & I'd rather enjoy playing games than reviewing them.

Game of the year for me last year was Yakuza Like A Dragon - The change of gameplay from action to turn-based JRPG was the perfect introduction I needed to the Yakuza series & I have been working my way through playing the earlier games having recently completed Yakuza 3 & 4.

I also completed Doraemon Story of Seasons which is a farming simulator in the vein of Animal Crossing & Stardew Valley, these game are a relaxing time-sink experience to enjoy.

My time with Fortnite however has come to an end, my daughter has stopped playing so this has given me the time back to enjoy more single player experiences & I'm currently playing Lost in Random an adventure game with an interesting dice throwing & card playing combat mechanic.

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