Batman Enemy Within (PS5) - Completed Review

I am not going to show any gameplay in this video obviously for spoilers but it is good to get back to playing a Tell-Tale game again. Obviously the sad demise of Tell-Tale is well known and the rebirth via LCG Entertainment is good news with The Wolf Among Us Season 2 being the first announcement.

There have always been issues with these games because of the old TellTale game engine always resulting in bugs or crashes but thankfully Batman Enemy Within plays perfectly fine with no issues or crashes. I understand future games will use the Unreal engine.

Batman Enemy Within has an enjoyable story in which you interact with many of the famous Gotham villains and a story arc through the episodes sees your relationship with John Doe/Joker develop into a great ending sequence.

It is this deep story that makes this game a joy to play and if like me you love the Batman universe you will have a great time.

Hopefully another season will be in the works soon.

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