52 Games in a year

I spent way too much time last year enjoying films instead of playing video games, I am going to try and reverse that this year by playing more video games in fact I am going to try for 52!

This is going to be almost impossible looking at the number of completed games in previous years. 2017 (13), 2016 (22) & 2015 (17) but I am up for the challenge.

I've started with Battlefield 1 (Campaign mode) enjoying the war stories. The tank & plane missions were good fun but the game also shows the horrific side of war. Surprisingly I also watched Dunkirk yesterday (can't totally give up on watching films just limiting them to 1 or 2 a week).

On my list so far I have Prey, Flower (which I have never completed), Wolfenstein 2 & Abzu.
DLC content does not count it will have to be a full game.


  1. You're lining them up?

    I just get to the end of one game, then waste several hours precious gaming time trying to figure out which game I want to play next, and invariably end up playing something different to the game I finally chose.

    1. I have quite a bit on the shelf and a lot of digital PS+ mainly titles to enjoy. Lots of Telltale in Guardians of the Galaxy, Walking Dead & Batman.

    2. So have I. I bought Wolfenstein TNO and TOB just before Christmas and totally forgot about them until just now.

      They won't get played.