Pokemon Go - Gotta Catch Em All

I'm impatient I have the app running via a US download & it's good fun walking around capturing pokemon. I had to restart the game again because it takes over full access if you sign in with a google account so I created a pokemon account to start again.

Charmander is my pokemon of choice, I don't want to cheat to get a Pikachu, I will earn mine !!

I've traded in duplicates to the professor & currently have 10 pokemon including Psyduck, Drowzee & Poliwag.

I also have 4 eggs which I need to hatch, these take time you have to place these in an incubator & walk around to make them hatch.

Luckily at home I have a few pokestops (useful for collecting more pokeballs & items) & a gym fairly close. At work the same a couple of pokestops & two gyms.

The lunchtime walks are now more interesting stopping & collecting pokemon on the way round the science park.

Gotta catch em all !!

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