Destiny - The Dark Below

The Dark Below is the latest expansion to Destiny, adding a few story missions, couple of strikes & a new raid.

I completed the story missions yesterday with Hakk & managed to get a new upgraded rocket launcher "The Cure" which does 331 damage when fully upgraded. You also get a fusion rifle that can switch between arc or solar damage when completing the story missions. Handy for taking out shields but I still prefer to have my sniper rifle equipped.

The story missions use various locations on earth & moon that I have already played enough with slight variations & the odd extra room added on, they are still quite challenging especially on hard difficulty.

Armour can now be purchased from the traders with a +33 light rating this will help me reach level 30 & above. I had enough vanguard marks to purchase some new gloves, just now need to fully upgrade them to get the max light rating.

Just when I thought I had broken free, Destiny has me hooked again.

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