Destiny - Ascendant Energy

The last tier of a legendary or exotic weapon will have three damage upgrades that all require material (which you can easily farm from patrol) & Ascendant Energy.

Ascendant Energy is not so easy to farm. Doing the daily mission EVERY DAY on level  28 will reward you with either two Ascendant Energy or Shards (used in upgrading your armour).

Taking part in your first Public Event EVERY DAY will reward you with one energy or shard. Any further public event comes down to luck if you are rewarded with a shard or energy.

Notice EVERY DAY because to receive any Ascendant Energy or Shards I need to do a daily grind and hope I get rewarded with energy. It's no difference than the dreadful mobile games that tempt you with daily rewards for playing their game. 

Annoyingly with Destiny I'm not guaranteed to get energy, wish there was a trader at the tower who could exchange shards for energy or even if you could spend strange coins to buy some energy.

Xur again had nothing for me this week offering the Alpha Lupi chest plate but I'm not going to purchase that when I have fully upgraded my chest plate. No icebreaker sniper rifle again so I'll save my coins.

I don't need any more shards, my Titan character's armour is all fully upgraded.
Maxing out the armour takes the light to level 29. To get to the magic 30 I need raid gear armour for my Titan. These are unique armour that only drop during the raid by opening the raid chests or defeating the bosses.

I played the raid last week & got up to the last boss fight but had to call it a night because it was getting late. I got some shards/energy & a rocket launcher but no raid armour.

Targets for next week then -
Complete daily missions which don't take that long in the hope I get some energy to upgrade my weapons.

My Warlock character is on level 10 so continue playing & upgrade to level 15.

Complete the weekly/nightfall for loot & coins. Hopefully take part in another RLLMUK raid attempt in the hope I get some raid armour.

I've got some videos to upload from my exploits in Destiny did not have much joy linking my youtube account so will try again later today.

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