Destiny - Armada Type 3

Had a great session yesterday evening running through the weekly strike on lvl 28, nightfall & daily on lvl 28 with Rud & Bazra.

Bazra had some void weapons which helped take care of the enemies with ease.

I got the same exotic warlock armour that I have waiting in the vault, Voidfang Vestments so I dismantled to receive some shards but more important was that I got the boots I wanted Armada Type 3 that give you the perk of extra auto rifle ammo.

This is great news because it means I no longer need to play the crucible to increase my vendor rank. I much prefer to stick to playing the vanguard strikes & daily/weekly missions. I also managed to get lots of strange coins yesterday to take my total to 32, hopefully Xur will have the icebreaker sniper rifle to purchase on Friday.

From my targets on Sunday I've not got much else to do apart from level up my warlock character & try to get some ascendant energy to upgrade my weapons on the Titan.

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