Destiny - Suros Regime

This blog is rapidly turning into a Destiny Diary. At the moment I'm not really playing anything else (except PMG Ghost Recon & Borderlands Pre Sequel on local co-op).

After pushing my luck & gaming Mon to Thu last week, the boss put her foot down & said no to gaming on Friday so I could not continue the Raid effort.

It's a shame that the Raid resets every Tuesday, the time pressure to complete the raid in a week is just too much & difficult to commit. So for now I'm out of any future raids until I've upgraded my weapons & armour.

Xur arrived on Friday & had an exotic assault rifle Suros Regime to sell. Because you can only equip one exotic weapon at any time I wanted that to be the primary weapon. I've got a legendary scout rifle but I'm a 'Spray & Pray' type of player so Assault Rifle is perfect for me.

I could do with a nice legendary sniper rifle to complete my arsenal and I've also got my exotic bounty to complete for Bad Juju. I completed the 25/25 strike missions yesterday & then had to run around the tower speaking to the gunsmith, vanguards & even Xur. Now the last section of my bounty needs me to play the crucible and get 10.000 points :(

Sad face because I don't really enjoy PvP, I suck at multi-player but maybe by forcing me to play via the bounty I might enjoy the experience.

So Destiny targets for next week is to try & complete the exotic bounty. Collect enough ascendant energy/shards to continue upgrading weapons & armour to advance to level 29.

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