Zelda Wind Waker - Tower of Gods

I got bored of exploring the map & dropped off the pearls at three locations to raise the Tower of Gods. Zelda Wind Waker is basically lots of dungeon areas laid out over a world map. These dungeons depending on locations will have different enemies & some puzzles. The frustrating aspect of the game comes in the save mechanism that let's you save anywhere in the game but when you load a game you will be at the beginning of the dungeon.

So you need to allow yourself some time so you can complete a dungeon before exiting the game. Tower of Gods is a HUGE dungeon !! which took me quite a few hours to complete. For my efforts I was awarded the Hero's Bow.

Next was a trip underwater to Hyrule to retrieve the Master Sword & then back to the Forsaken Fortress to save my sister & get a Skull Hammer. With so many items & equipment to use I can't help wishing that there was a better inventory change mechanism letting you quick choose whatever you needed.

After upgrading the arrows ability to use ice & fire I visited Fire Mountain to get the Power Bracelets & Ice Ring Isle for some Iron Boots. The Master Sword seems to have lost it's power so I need to visit two temples to restore it's power, this section has you controlling another character on occasions to use their ability. I've completed the earth temple and got the Mirror Shield next is a visit to the wind temple.

Managed to play quite a bit to progress along the main storyline, I have lots of sidequests which I have not yet done but will focus on the wind temple first next time & then take a look at the sidequests before I go searching for the Triforce shards.

With the Destiny Beta due this week & the next episode of Walking Dead Season 2 it may be a while before I am back playing Zelda Wind Waker.


  1. While you are placed at the start of the dungeon, anything you've done in the dungeon is saved. They are typically some shortcuts or teleport things that you can turn on so you can skip straight back to the bit you were on if you need to exit.

    1. What if you have complete like a mini-boss fight will that respawn?