Destiny - Alpha

Over the weekend I managed to play quite a bit of Destiny & hit the level cap for the Alpha test.

On Earth you have three types of modes Story, Explore & Strike.

The story mission is quite short but gives you a bit of a background into what your role is in the game.

The Strike mission is very tough even with my level eight Titan & two other online players there were quite a few tough bosses to overcome. I died quite a few times on this but thankfully the co-op players were able to revive me.

The Explore mode is my favourite because it lets you explore the gorgeous terrain whilst completing simple missions and taking part in public events. I spent hours just exploring the many caves & underground passages. Occasionally you would come up against some very tough level 10+ enemies that you just could not harm. I found an opening in the dam wall which took me to an outside area littered with rusted vehicles.

Visually it looks amazing, I have some screenshots I took below & more on my PS4 which I will upload later.

Can't wait till July 17th for the Beta. I think I may have to take a couple of days off work to enjoy.

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