Portal - Patience Testing

Not much gaming time this weekend, the weather was too lovely.
I've never seen the reason why this game is given rave reviews. It is after all just a puzzle game.

Easing you in gently & slowly ramping up more obstacles in your way.

I ran through the first 16 levels with little or no difficulty & then it got very hard, currently stuck on level 18.

I know what I need to do it is just timing the jump so I can shoot the portal gun on the next platform.

With the cancellation of the John Lewis order for the WiiU I ended up buying the Mario Kart 8 pack from Tescos & using my clubcard vouchers to get the price under the £150 mark.

I've also purchased New Super Mario Bros U & Zombi U. Will go with Zelda Wind Waker for the Mario Kart 8 free game offer. I expect I am going to have some fun with getting my Nintendo NNID account working on the new WiiU console.

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