GTAV - Racing or in my case crashing

I stupidly decided to take part in the RLLMUK GTA V Race League. It was as expected a difficult start I find the cars just pinball around when you crash & this is where I lose a lot of positions. I'm much better with bikes although I do occasionally hit the traffic. Having not done many races, knowing the track layout takes a while to learn, currently there is a limited option on the races so I started off poorly finishing 8th, 9th or DNF but came back with a 6th & a close 5th finish just pipping Saint at the last race. Points are only awarded to the top 6 finishers so thankfully I got a few points on the board.

With the PS4 arriving soon I won't get much chance to practice before next week's meeting but hopefully the experience of the tracks will help me out to try and get a few more 5th or 6th place finishes. I now also know that to fire rockets you need to press the left click on the stick so at least I can now shoot these Mario Kart style.

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