Dishonored - Runes & Bone Charms

During my new game post I wrote "I keep wishing for a Splinter Cell style radar to show me where enemies are". Runes are what give you supernatural abilities, after a visit by the outsider & session on how to use Blink (teleport distances) I used my first collected rune to unlock 'Dark Vision' which lets me see any person or animal & their sight zone.

I have now collected quite a few runes & have unlocked Dark Vision stage 2, Vitality, Agility & Shadow Kill which turns unaware foes to ash (this is useful because it means I do not need to hide bodies).

Another collectible in the game are Bone Charms these grant you an effect when activated. I have quite a few of these like River Affinity which increases my swimming speed.

I have not played the Thief games by (Looking Glass/Eidos) but I imagine that Dishonored borrows quite a bit from that series? I have not said much about the storyline, you are Corvo a bodyguard to the Empress & after she is attacked & killed you are sent to prison. You then obviously escape the prison & set out to avenge the death of the Empress whilst also finding her daughter.

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