Walking Dead - Completed

I have never completed a point & click (join the dots) game, started a few over the years but always got bored with the gameplay element or the story has not been interesting enough to keep me interested.

Walking Dead had an advantage in its favour because I do enjoy watching the tv series & the game did not disappoint. You play as Lee and are on your way to jail when the zombie outbreaks starts. After running into a house to get away from some zombies you bump into Clementine & then begins your story. I don't want to spoil the game any further but just like in life your choices matter.

Looking forward to 400days the filler between season 1 & the next season of the game.

After Lego City, Journey & now Walking Dead, all three very impressive games offering new or improved experiences.

Now it’s time to drive with Forza Horizon.

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