Completed - Borderlands 2

To answer the obvious question? Yes

Yes, it is better than the first game because gearbox have a more solid story to the game this time around.

The gameplay is the same shoot, kill & loot but you have different character classes to choose.

On my local co-op game which I completed this week I played with the same commando class from the first game, mainly because the turret is one of the better action skills.

The game has you chasing Handsone Jack in his quest to revive the vault warrior. There are some very funny moments in the game from the minecraft Easter egg to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles quest but it is the death of Roland at the hand of Handsome Jack that stood out for me. Gearbox killing off a character from the first game is a bold move.

The game ends with a multi world vault reveal, hinting at the direction for the next game.

The beauty of the Borderlands game for me is the pick up & play nature of it. You have an hour spare lets go do a couple of quests?

After completion you then unlock play through 2 but before I think about playing that the DLC content awaits.

Just in case anyone is wondering the Claptrap Boys are still playing this on a Monday evening and we are nearing the end fight.

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