Skyrim - Completed

Another game that has ben in Limbo for a long time, after completing the main quest, I've tried a few times to try & rekindle the love by completing various side quests but nope the honeymoon is over. I'm done with Skyrim.

After 120 hours of adventuring it was time for Valdarr to return home to Whiterun & spend the rest of his days with Lydia.


  1. Shame that you've stopped playing Skyrim. I'm on my 3rd playthrough!
    No interest in the DLC? I haven't done any of it yet but I do intend to with this current char

  2. I purchased the game on steam last summer so at some point in the future with the advantage of steam workshop I may revisit. For now I have lots of great games sat on the shelf still to play.

  3. Yes I know the feeling about a backlog. If Skyrim hadn't been released I might have finished a few of them by now. 421 hours in Skyrim and counting!
    Did some more expansion work on my house today. I didn't know that building a house could be such fun...but then my char's doing all the work...:)
    Playing as a mage is actually rather fun. I have robes and an mask which regen magicka 100% faster, so it's very rare I run out. Hurling fireballs and ice spikes everywhere is rather neat and of course there's the summoning spells for 'assistance'...

    1. I want to enjoy a few games from my backlog before I return to another bethseda game. Xcom first then Red Dead Redemption, Deus Ex HR & Mass Effect Trilogy. Hopefully by then some new on Fallout 4?

  4. Yes Fallout 4 should be interesting. I really like the VATS system used in these games!