Ticket to Ride - Beginner's Guide

Really enjoying playing ticket to ride on the iOS platform so I'd thought a beginner's guide might tempt a few more to purchase. It is £1.49 on the app store & just like Carcassonne great value for money.

So start a new game against a CPU character.

You first need to choose some train tickets, you can take all three that are given or just only choose two tickets.

Each ticket with give you two stations you need to join by building the train track.

After you have chosen your tickets, you need to collect the correct number of cards to build a section of track. You can choose two cards from the five on offer or press the blue section below for two randoms.

A coloured section obviously you need to collect the same coloured cards but the clear (don't confuse with white) sections of the track you can use any colour. From the cards on offer I went for two red cards.

When it comes to your turn you can either select two cards or place the cards you have on track. So the two reds I picked up I placed on a blank section to build my first section of train track.

You carry on picking your cards & building sections of track to join your stations together.

A special card you can choose is the  'Rainbow' coloured card this card can basically be any colour you want but bear in mind if you select this from the five cards on offer you will not get to select a 2nd card. If you get this card via the random pack then you can choose a second card.

By collecting the cards I have managed to complete the two tickets I selected at the start of the game.

The CPU player obviously has not tried to block me completing my track but you can use blocking tactics to stop the other player so they have to then build an alternative longer route to join their stations.

Once you have completed the tickets you selected at the beginning of the game, press your tickets at the bottom right corner & press the + button to select some new tickets.

Bear in mind that next to my number 18 in the top left corner there is a smaller number 29 this is how many train carriages you have left to build. So do not choose a new ticket if you do not have enough carriages left to complete that ticket.

Carry on playing the game until all of your carriages are used. If you have tickets that have not been completed you will get a red x for them & that ticket score will be taken off your total score.

If you have any further questions post in the comments section below & I'll answer.

I would suggest you play against the CPU a few games to get comfortable with how to play the game then load up a multi-player game & send me an invite.

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