Tiny Tower - One more smoke?

Back in July last year I gave this game a lot of stick & a friend who is still playing the game suggested I go back to it & try again.

So what's changed since July last year.

You can now customise your floor names, missions to complete to gain extra bux's, share your tower on the internet (http://towers.nimblebit.com/) - currently unavailable & stars next to floors show you if you have any bitizens in their dream job.

Upgrade floors - you can upgrade a floor to increase the amount of stock held but this cost bux's, I'm not sure how much of percentage stock upgrade this increases?

What is surprising when I reinstalled the game was that it had my old save file from last July so I carried on building from floor 35. Currently on floor 39 - will show my tower when the sharetower feature is back on-line.

So who else is still playing this digital crack. One more smoke?


  1. I've been off it this last month or so but it's still good.

  2. I occasionally load up my tower - 94 floors now - but there are many other things I'd rather do! You might want to look at Pocket Planes by the same developers; similar ideas but more involved.

  3. I've been reading the thread on Pocket Planes on RLLMUK seems more complex & thus requires more time which I don't have at the moment. Tiny Tower is great because I only spend about 10 mins a day.