New Game - Trials Evolution

Within 5 minutes of trying the demo I was happy to spend 1200 points on purchasing the game, it was back to riding a motocross without crashing every two seconds & pulling off stunts along the way to set a time faster than your friends. This time round it comes with some multi-player features (although limited to only 4 players) which I have not yet tested. There is also a track creation process where you can design your own track & download user generated content.

I completed the License D tracks with quite a few attempts before I could get a gold medal & set a decent time. Actually a time that was ahead of my youngest son, I’m expecting Abbas to come and blitz my time when he starts playing the game. Also tried the first skill game where you have a limited amount of fuel & have to drive until it runs out. There is a checkpoint on the way which gives you a small amount of fuel to get a little further. I managed to get 300m+ but will need to revisit to see if I can set a better distance.

The plan was to start playing Uncharted to take a break from Skyrim but Trials Evolution seems to have now taken that slot. Sorry Nathan Drake back on the shelf you go.

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