Limbo - Completed

I'm working my way through the Xbox Live Arcade purchases, Limbo was purchased some time in 2010, so nearly 2 years later I get round to playing it.

First is the black & white art style which I actually quite like & then come the puzzles. The puzzles will have you either tearing your hair out or grinning with a big smile because you have figured them out. Some have you travelling back & forwards to complete & others have you timing your jumps to avoid instant death.

On the subject of death you will be dying a lot whilst trying to complete the various puzzles & dangers thrown at you but thankfully the game takes you back to the start of your puzzle for you to try again ...and most likely fail.

The plot truthfully I have no idea, you are a boy who is trying to escape from what? & why? That is left to either your imagination or google to read the plot. I won't say much about the ending except that it is very odd & actually in style with the game I suppose.

It is a very short game easily completed in four to five hours but if you love your games taxing your brain & are bored at looking at colourful games then Limbo is the game for you. I for one very much enjoyed the experience & would recommend you stop reading this post & go play Limbo.

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