Fifa 11 Ultimate Team - Completed

After winning 12 cups with the Krazy Khans, I have no choice but to call it day & retire. Not because I want to but because the game keeps freezing & locking up my xbox 360 when I go into the trading section. A quick search on google shows this to be a common problem but alas no fix from EA.

So I wish a fond farewell to my Krazy Khan, Bronze, Silver, Gold & Liverpool squads. I never did get enough money to purchase Messi but I did manage to get Stevie G for Liverpool. Abbas has given up on the game but Monster is still playing so I will now transfer over any players he wants & sell the rest of my squad to pass him over the money so he may have a chance of buying Messi. After being away from the football genre for a very long while, I have enjoyed my time with Fifa 11 & will be purchasing Fifa 13 later in the year.

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