New Tuesday A to Z - L (games never played)

Legend of Zelda (Various)

Should this be for the letter Z or L?
Anyhow I have not completed a single Zelda game I started Link to the Past on the snes & found it boring so went back to my turn-based rpgs. The N64 I have both games and have not even opened them yet, they are still sealed !! I am pretty sure that I also have the Wii game I think somewhere?

Landstalker (Mega Drive)
I found the isometric view very difficult to control the character and gave up on this action RPG

Lego Lets make a game out of a movie (Various)
Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Batman, Teletubbies etc
Churning them out like a foxconn factory, the kids enjoy them and I've finally succumbed to trying one of these out in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Lylat Wars or Starfox if you will (Various)
Space shoot em up with animals only Nintendo could come up with the idea of having Animal Crossing in space, the original game on the snes showcased the fx engine with sharp pointy triangles.

Legacy of Kain (Playstation)
Some action adventure title set in the after life I think? by Eidos?

Luigui's Mansion (Gamecube)
Again I lower my head in shame on this, I really really must get round to playing this gem of a game.

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