Skyrim Diary - Entry 8 - Lydia Glass Armour

Dear Diary

After having a well earned rest it was time to spend some of the money I had earned from selling the loot. I decided that Lydia deserved to have a new set of armour rather than inheriting my used equipment.

I told you previously that I had learnt how to make dragon armour but I have yet to complete the full set for myself because you require dragon bones & dragon scales which you can only be sourced by killing dragons. I sent Lydia off to get some supplies for the house we were running low on food & mead.

I then went next door to the blacksmiths, after dragon armour the next best set of light armour I was trained to make was glass so I purchased some refined moonstone & refined malachite then put on my gloves and got to work on creating Lydia a full set of glass armour including boots, helmet, shield & gauntlet. I then fine crafted them on the workbench to increase the armour rating. To finish off the set I crafted her a Glass Sword & fine crafted that on the grindstone.

I think Lydia was surprised when I returned home carrying a large box & told her "It's for you". She replied "But, my Thane?" I said "Call me Valdarr, that's my name, Lydia"

"Ok, Valdarr. You did not need to build me any new armour" she said

I replied "Well you have been carrying my burdens for a while so I thought I would repay the favour"

She smiled & said "Thanks"

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