New Tuesday A to Z - F (games never played)

The Letter F, where do I start how about Fire Emblem (Various)
Considering I love strategy RPG's & this series is regarded as one of the best I have yet to play any Fire Emblem game.

Fear Effect (PS1) - I have always wanted to play this but just never got a round to it. I liked the look of the art style not sure if the game is any good?

Final Fantasy Tactics (PS1) - I lower my head in shame, there is nothing else to say.

Fable (Xbox) - I never had an xbox & when I did briefly I only played the Halo games. I enjoyed playing Fable 2 last year but with Fable 3 waiting I can't see me going back to play the first game.

Fallout 1, 2 & Tactics (PC) - I have never played any of the original fallout games & it was not until Fallout 3 that I got interested in the series. If it ever got updated graphics & an iOS or XBLA release I would be interested.

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