Dead Island - Revisited

Dead Island Revisited

After the Lost Planet 2 PMG it was time for another attempt at Dead Island. This time with The Claptrap Boys reunion tour, I decided to go with the Sam B character because of his skill to rejuvenate health. Jaimie went with Logan, Jon was Xian & Gus was left with Purna.

We all made it to the starting hut & received our first quest to liberate the lifeguard tower. Trying to find any decent weapons to use is difficult at the beginning of the game and you really just have to use oars or if you are lucky to find any knives. With a new character you are limited to only equipping 2 weapon slots (this will increase when you get to level 5) but you can carry a maximum of 12 weapons. Just keep an eye on the condition of your weapon because once it deteriorates you will be causing little or no damage.

Once the tower is conquered you have the option to purchase weapons from Wayne who can be found in one of the small rooms off the garage. Also you have access to a workbench to repair or upgrade your weapons. At the lifeguard tower you will receive lots of side quests to do various tasks from collecting vehicle parts to finding medical supplies.

The highlight of the evening was next to the Lighthouse is an area which is full of suitcases & boxes. Watching both female characters carrying boxes and walking down the hill was hilarious.

Overall an enjoyable 2 hours killing zombies more again same time next week.

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