Hanging With Friends - 4 Letter Words Challenge

A lot of players seem to have deserted Hanging with Friends, I currently only have 2 games being played. After a while the game can get a bit boring it does not have the staying power of games like Words with Friends or Carcassonne but I set myself a challenge by only playing 4 letter words & I managed to win against GuntherGloop

Next Challenge is to play only 8 letter words – this is going to be difficult because of the random letters you are given it might not always be possible.


  1. Hmm the game sounds interesting but right now I am playing Words With Friends. Oh man, this game has given me so many hours of fun. I usually don't cheat, but there are times that I gotta use the ANAGRAMMER, google it my peeps!"

  2. Don't see the point in cheating you gain nothing from it & by doing so are putting your opponent at a disadvantage. Words with Friends is a great game but needs to be played on a level playing field for both players to enjoy.