Battlefield Bad Company 2 - Completed

I have had this game in my collection for a very long time, occasionally playing on-line multi-player games with UGVM. I always preferred to play the Medic class because I am rubbish at trying to shoot the enemies. With the Medic class I could be a useful player to the squad in reviving fallen comrades & dropping health packs, whilst also trying to get the odd kill without dying.

GuntherGloop (UGVM) eats, sleeps & drinks this game & his level of enthusiasm for the multi-player in particular is amazing or he's been brainwashed.

Anyhow this post is about the single player campaign, I have not played an FPS game since Halo Reach (I'm excluding Borderlands) so it was long overdue.

You start off watching some FMV of your team landing on a Japanese island to meet up with a scientist who claims to have some info on a super weapon. The game starts you off slowly letting you know how to perform each action required from running to shooting.  You then make your way to meet up with the scientist after which your escape path is blocked, You decide to attack a nearby submarine station to take control of a vessel to leave the island. Whilst you are leaving the super weapon is fired & the submarine destroyed.

This brief history lesson set's you up for the main storyline which is about the super weapon. You are now back in the present & cold Russia is your setting. Each level in the game offers you a new experience from driving vehicles to being a sniper & even surviving a harsh winter. It is a short campaign but one that I enjoyed very much with Heavy Metal being my favourite because you get to drive a TANK !!

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