UGVM Disc Drivin Tournament - Final inc Results

So the top 4 from the group stages go through to the final

Gustavtoo (10 Point)
HaggisHunter (4 Points)
Lufferov (13 Points)
SomethingWitty (9 Point)

James wins another tournament !!
Congrats & Thanks to witty for organising it 

Race 1: Jump Start - HaggisHunter invites GusTavToo, SomethingWitty,
Lufferov - Gus won

Race 2: Hangtime - GusTavToo invites SomethingWitty, Lufferov, HaggisHunter - Witty won

Race 3: Fork in the Road - SomethingWitty invites Lufferov, HaggisHunter,
GusTavToo - Luffers wins

Race 4: Bumper Beware - Lufferov invites HaggisHunter, GusTavToo,
SomethingWitty - Luffers Wins

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