The 'Meeple' Carcassonne Tournament

I can never get enough of the 'meeple' they are a strange breed in that they like to either populate cities, lay in the fields all day wondering, command a cloister or loitering on the roads.

It is time for us, the Carcassonne players to stand up to these meeple & show them who is in control. So grab your meeple's and sign your name below to take part in 'The Meeple' tournament.

The Meeple tournament will consist of 3 rounds.

1 point for vs match win
2 points for group match win & 1 point for coming 2nd in group match

1st Round all the players will be split into groups of 3 and take art in 3 matches (2 x 1 vs 1 & 1 group match) - the top two players will go through to the next round.

2nd Round will be split into equal groups (depending on number of players) and there will be vs matches & a group match - the winners of these groups will go to the final

3rd Round will be the same vs & a group match - the person with the most points is the champion.

Cut off date to sign up for the tournament is 10th September & the total number of players must be dividable by 3 - any left overs I'm afraid the last players signing up will be dropped.

Players signed up (game center user names)
1. gospvg
2. Lufferov
3. actionabbas
4. monstermohsin
5. satsuma
6. kevlarx
7. phorce
9. bluewomble88
10. boxoctosis
11. jochta
12. Fluffmyster
13. Bushtopher
14. MightyMiniMan
15. HaggisHunter
16. Chunty
17. Altashheth
18. kerumba
19. Bensm
20. chimpz
21. Synozeer


  1. please sign me up ' kevlarx '

  2. Add FPEX then .... beware I am bad at it as you know ... (FPE in TA)

  3. Please add bluewomble88 , thanks

  4. Count me in (Chunty)

  5. Can I sign up.... Altashheth

  6. And me! Bensm

  7. I'm not particularly good, but I'd like to be involved! Inspector42

  8. Sign me up please: Synozeer