UGVM vs BETEO - Round 3 FIGHT !!

3rd round with 6 players left on each team will be the same again 1 vs 1 with 1 point being awarded to the winning team. Same again 2 players on each team will go out, losers will go out first & any winners with the lowest score if needed

The first player in the match will start the game against the other player - in the chat window can you also announce that this is a tournament game so the opposing player is aware.

flis_iom vs jochta
thermalsatsuma vs Curiosity
Gilly Mc vs SozzlyJoe
HarpingOn vs DBSnappa
AlarmBee vs Xexyz
Coope1999 vs alanjoans

Good luck all & can you let me know the result via the blog, twitter, ugvm or beteo.

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