UGVM vs BETEO - Round 1 FIGHT !!

1st Round will consist of 1 vs 1 with 1 point being awarded to the winning players team. 2 players from each team will be kicked out at this round I will decide this by the players that have lost their game & the points they have scored in their game with the lowest scoring losing players going out. So if haggishuter (255), jochta (288) & xexyz (312) lost their games then haggishunter & jochta would go out because they scored less than xexyz.

1st Round

The first player in the match will start the game against the other player - in the chat window can you also announce that this is a tournament game so the opposing player is aware.

Gilly Mc vs jochta
Beckysprites vs AlarmBee
DBSnappa vs Coope1999
HarpingOn vs Grim...
alanjoans vs Turbohat
HaggisHunter vs Goddess Jasmine
Curiosity vs Xexyz
gospvg vs flis_iom
romanista vs thermalsatsuma
SozzlyJoe vs RussellC_

Good luck in the game & can you post the result of the game in the comments in the format of Players A (422) vs Player B (421)


  1. Gilly Mc (312) vs jochta (424)

  2. Just finished our game: Beckysprites (276) vs AlarmBee (403).

  3. HarpingOn (364) vs. Grim... (330)

  4. 1st Round scores


  5. SozzlyJoe (328) vs RussellC_ (384)

  6. DBSnappa (466) vc Coope1999 (335)