Tuesday A to Z - B

Batman Arkham Asylum (Xbox 360)
When released I tried the demo but thought meh! & did not go back to this game until I purchased it from a car boot sale for £5. Played the game & oh my !! what a game !!

It was for me the highlight of 2010 the gaming year, an action packed metroidvania game with tough enemies, puzzles, weapons & above all you get to be BATMAN !!

It was a crime that I purchased this game secondhand & the developer received nothing from me but for the sequel Arkham City which is out this year & it is probably the only game I will buy on release.

Bomberman (Super Nintendo)
1 Accessory the SNES multi-tap & a simple game to place bombs & blow up tiles to discover powerups. Then get your ammo & go after killing the other players. Multi-player gaming had arrived, Hudson had the idea back then if only Sega or Nintendo had cottoned onto how much fun a local multi-player game was maybe the wii would have been made in an earlier generation?

Boulder Dash (Atari ST)
I only had a brief play of Boulder Dash on my friends NES console so when I purchased the Atari ST. This game was on the top of my list to buy, spending a hard earned £4.99 at my local secondhand games shop (I forget the name it was on Hurst St in East Oxford). I rushed home to tell my brother & sister that this game is amazing, they have to play it. We then preceded to spend the remainder of our summer holidays avoiding falling boulders and collecting diamonds.

Bahamut Lagoon (Super Nintendo)
I blame one magazine for making me spend a fortune on buying and playing imported games "Super Play". A feature on Bahamut Lagoon (JAP) had we drooling and I have been waiting to this day for the game to get a western release.

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