Words with Friends - Glitch

February has been a busy month at work & I have not had much time to play the 360 or PS3. But my trusted iPod Touch is perfect for the few minutes I have spare in the day. Usually this is spent on Disc Drivin, Chess with Friends, Carcassonne, Azkend or easily my favourite gaming app Words with Friends.

In a recent game against millarca I had a weird glitch in that there was a 'T' on the board in the corner? I played a simple word of Fat and it played it. But shortly later in refreshing the app in went into repair mode and deleted this game.

Hopefully now the work crunch is over I can get back to playing some games on the 360 & PS3. First on the agenda is a return to Avalon in Fable 2 to finish off some quests & the gargoyle & silver key collectibles quest.


  1. It's an easily repeatable glitch. Put some letters down, switch to another app, and switch back. Retrieve tiles and they usually remain on the board, sometimes being able to be used. Happened to me a few times.

  2. I wished the game had a leaderboard & stats