Android Gaming

I love my iPod Touch (It is easily the best handheld gaming device) and my Sony W980i Mobile Phone both are always with me, which means I have a fat trouser pocket. Many times I have looked at getting rid of both to get an iPhone but my budgeted head can’t get round to paying more than £10 a month for a phone contract & another £200 or £300+ for the phone. I’m currently with Vodafone and my £10 month gives me 100 texts & 250 mins which to some may seem small but my last month usage was 12 texts & 112 minutes used.

However I have been looking at what I can replace my Sony W980i & thanks to a gift voucher to use on Amazon. I have decided to go for an HTC Wildfire for £80
I know there are better HTC mobile phones but I don’t really want to spend more than £100 & the HTC Wildfire looks to be the best option.

Will it replace both the iPod Touch & W980i?
Probably not because I think the iPod Touch is a much more powerful device, only time will tell.
Enough talk of mobiles this is a gaming blog so my next question is what to download on Android for gaming?


  1. SpeedX3D

    ...and don't forget to install feint. Spark360 is a very decent XBox Live App/Widget for just over a quid. I like my phone pipping to tell me when select mates have fired up their XBox.

    I muck about with apps more than games though, as I prefer physical controls. Try Aldiko bookreader, Google Sky Map, Layar, Marvin, PowerAmp, Scanner radio, anyhting Google make apart from bloatware Google Earth, Tweetdeck (epic)Yelp, Foursquare (pointless yet compulsive).

  2. Thanks for those tips GY & will also take a look at the XDA forums for Emulators :)