Left 4 Dead - Completed

Co-op gaming has been one of the many highlights for me this generation. This is due to two reasons firstly my co-op partner is now very good at games (if not better than me on some genres -watch his ego grow) & secondly that game developers are releasing more local co-op games.

So after having completed Halo Reach we needed another game. From the many on offer to play we opted for Left 4 Dead.

You are one of 4 survivors and the intro shows you climbing to a city building rooftop to escape the zombies.

From the rooftop you can choose your weapon be it Shotgun, Assault Rifle or stick with your trusted pistols which come with unlimited ammo. There is an achievement for finishing a scenario using just pistols but I have yet to do this because you have no choice but to use the trusted Assault Rifle to take care of the in-rushing horde of zombies.

I've managed to unlock some of the more difficult achievements like Man vs Tank in which you have to take down a tank single handly.

Each scenario can be completed in about an hour. So it's a short game that you can complete in about 4 to 5 hours. It offers replay in that you can replay the levels with online 4 player play & other online modes which I have not really played. It's a UGVM PMG game so I will no doubt be playing in 2011

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