Fallout New Vegas - Completed

It's done, there is nothing else for me to do in the Mojave desert, no more quests or alternative endings. I completed the NCR & Caesar's Legion end game quests over the weekend. Total game time 140+ hours, a good healthy dose of enjoyable gaming. Yes there have been the bugs & console lock-ups along the way, none of which I have experienced in the last 50 odd hours of gameplay.

I hate the fast-travel system that does not really take you to the location you want to go. Example Caesar's Legion camp takes you to the front gate & you have to then walk all the way to his tent. Why is there no fast travel location for Lucky 38 but you have to go to freeside & then go through another 3 loading screens before you can get to your room. I hate the way companions will go charging off into the distance to attack the enemies whilst you are sitting back waiting to take a shot with your sniper rifle. You then need to go charging in after them so they don't end up dying (hardcore mode only). But equally I love the gameplay, the VATS, the levelling up perks (wish you could get them every level). I love the scary vaults & the way the game makes me jump when an unexpected enemy attacks.

I love the factions, choose your side, who do you want to go with? NCR, Yes Man, Mr House or Caesar's Legion? The sub-factions like Brotherhood, Boomers, Kings etc keep them happy or piss them off like I did the Powder Gangers.

But is is not just Fallout 3 DLC? Yes it looks the same and plays the same with slight changes but so is every sequel. The Assassins Creed games all play the same & it's the story that makes the difference. Fallout 3 story was a life experience, you are born, live childhood in the vault & then venture out. In New Vegas your a courier whose been shot & survive, what will you do?

If you have not played it yet I would say maybe wait until the bugs have been creased out, there are some issues with this game especially on the PS3 it seems (UGVM), even on the 360 I have had 3 or 4 game lock-ups & numerous graphic glitches but because I was enjoying the game I forgave these issues to continue playing.

On Fallout 3 I made the mistake of buying the DLC's straight away & by the last few I was sick of the game. So for New Vegas I will wait until the game of the year edition is released to play them or if they are reduced on a XBLA sale.

The game engine is old, used for Oblivion I think originally & then Fallout 3 onto New Vegas. Hopefully the new engine being worked for I assume the next Elder Scrolls game will be much improved & bug-free. I look forward to the next Fallout game which will hopefully include Vehicles, (surely everyone cannot walk everywhere?) & maybe even some element of co-op or on-line play. A cross between Borderlands & Fallout with some Rage thrown in would be great.

Now onto my list of unfinished games Halo Reach local co-op I think I'll start with you first.

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