What no logo?

In a previous post I said "Only games that I will buy on release qualify to be a logo"
Today I have just bought Call of Duty Black Ops & Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, but both of these games have not graced with a website logo. I had no intention of buying either game but COD:BO for £24.99 is too good an offer to miss & I will enjoy the online multiplayer action when I get round to playing it. For AC:Brotherhood Abbas is running through Fallout New Vegas and with his birthday coming soon, he asked & I said ok why not. So to amend my statement "Only games that I am eagerly anticipating the release, will qualify for a logo" So World of Keflings, when are you getting released?

But for the moment I am still wondering the Mojave desert completing side-quests & discovering new locations. Because the main storyline branches I want to get to a point in the game where I can create a save file & keep to brach out one way & then reload to go the other way. This will save me having to start the game again and play another 50+ hours to try the other branch.

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