Carcassonne - Arpad Elo

Arpad Elo - a Hungarian-born American physics professor who created the 'ELO' rating system to show the 'relative skill level' of a player. The screen to the left does not show my highest ELO, I managed to get to 1540 & then came "THE FALL". It's inevitable that in this game of luck you will lose some games, unfortunately being so far ahead in the leaderboard with a high ELO means when you lose it's going to hurt.

First against Jochta, losing by only 2 points but a drop of 32 points on my ELO. Ok I still have 1508, that's not too bad.

Worse was to come in the next game by losing to my son (the torment of "Yes", "Get-In", "Dad, you are crap. You came last"). Another drop of 32 points, leaves me now with 1476.

I then lost a further 2 games to to end on 1412.

By this time my arch-nemesis the evil Dr Lufferov had taken the lead.

The losing streak had to end at some point & a couple of wins against Dr Dolittle & LPFigwort has seen my ELO rise to 1425. But James has also been winning games and has extended his lead to 1471.

I now need to try and catch him up but the danger that is faced by both of us is that if we lose a game, it will be a 32 point drop on our ELO but if we win against anyone lower on the leaderboard we will only gain a few points. I'm hoping he cannot catch up to my high ELO of 1540.It's only a number but Arpad Elo knows that I had to win quite a few games to get to that number.

Some links on Arpad Elo
Rating System - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elo_rating_system
Arpad Elo - The Man himself - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arpad_Elo


  1. I'll do my best to make it past your record of 1540, but that's quite an impressive score. As you say though, the problem is finding opponents to play against.

    It seems people just don't like losing!

  2. Hopefully I can win the game against you :)

  3. Are the ELO calculations made be the same rules/formulas as in chess?

  4. Do you know where we can find out more information about the formulations that go into the ELO ratings system in Carcassonne for iDevices?

  5. Sorry I don't know much about Arpad Elo apart from what I have read on wikipedia