Owen Allaway (13th July 1973 - 13th October 2010)

It was a difficult decision, do I want to attend a service that I feel I may be intruding on? Having not met Owen in person should I really attend? How would I feel going to an English funeral? All of these questions were answered by another more defining question. Do I miss Owen? Yes, everyday,  I miss his knowledge, humour, kindness & above all his friendship.

It was a nice service & I sat or stood listening to the memories/hymns thinking of Owen.

He studied at Oxford !! What?? Oh man !! I did not know that :(

His love for Star Wars & Doctor Who were mentioned, John Dow's blog post LINK was mentioned and had me choked up

His childhood memories from clutching a dalek toy as a page boy to playing Sorcerer's Cave

But above all he was a loving son, big brother, husband & friend to many.

Going out from the church hall you are given the chance to say your condolences to his family. Thom calling me by my name made me relieved that I was not intruding (thanks) & a big hug for Patience lifted the sadness for a brief moment.

Next to the church hall, refreshments were laid on but more importantly you got a chance to see photos of Owen growing up. A page boy clutching a dalek toy to his ZX-81 birthday cake. His time at Corpus Christi in Oxford to wedding photo's

This was the first time I had met some of the UGVM group members & the fact Owen had studied in Oxford made me sad that we did not get together before.

We then went to the local pub to have some drinks in his honour.. to Owen !!


  1. I came here through Patience's twitter... I too have gone to a funeral for an online friend, more than once. It's amazing how connected you can be through a computer, and how awkward it feels to be going to a funeral for someone that you've never met in person. The things you learn, the people you meet... it's all a strange, heartbreaking, yet life affirming experience.

  2. As Owen's parents, may we say a huge thank you to all Owen's friends out there for all the love and support you have shown. It means more to his family than you will ever, ever realise. The tributes to him took our breath away. We want to thank you all individually but know this is unrealistic, so we will just say thank you a million times.

  3. And here we are, exactly a year later. We (his family) again want to say a huge thank you to all of you out there. You have not got a clue how amazing you were, and how much you helped us get thro' this. You were awesome. That we loved him goes without saying. That you all recognised his essential goodness and kindness and intelligence and gentleness and wit, and took the time and the trouble to post comments and/or come to the funeral made the unbearable bearable. Thank you to each one of you.