Hardware Update - iPod Touch 4th Generation

My new 4th generation iPod touch arrived yesterday luckily on the same day my screen protector & tyre case was delivered from ebay. I've upgraded from a 2nd generation mainly because of the faster processor, camera, multi-tasking & retina display. The upgrade process was very easy I connected to itunes and restored from a 2nd gen backup, this transferred all my my apps/games over with the save files. I had to resync on Words/Chess with friends & refresh on Carcassonne to pick up the played turns. Email configuration worked ok just needed to confirm the password. The usb connecting cable is a much tighter connection and at first I thought Apples had changed the connection because it was too tight to fit, I think this is due the curvier design. Camera which is possible the biggest point for new buyers, in a simple sentance then 'Don't get rid of your digital camera'. It's not that good, you need to have the correct lighting to really get a good photo. I will take some sample photo's and upload soon & you can see the comparison vs my digital camera. The processor is the same as the iphone 4 and is very fast, multi-tasking is a very useful feature. I assume the apps will close down after a certain period if not used on the multi-tasking bar? I have yet to test facetime so will post back later on that. Lastly the retina display is much brighter & sharper compared to my 2nd gen

So for £250 it's small, it's portable & can do almost anything a similar priced netbook will, if you can stomatch the cost of the iphone 4 that would be the better option because of the better camera & obvious phone features. But if like me you can't get your head round a £25+ monthly contract then this is the perfect small entertainment/produtivity device. But the biggest selling point for me is that it is the perfect portable game machine much better than a PSP or DS

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