Army of Two 40th Day - Game Over

Army of Two 40th Day completed with still 3 days to go until the 14th (Halo Reach) the game now continues in that you have to track down Jonas, along the way we had to blown up 2 Anti Aircraft guns & destroy a crane to explode a ship. Amazing set pieces that build towards Jonas hideout. You also get to fight smaller bosses like the grenade launcher & quite a few shotgun officers but the soldiers with RPGs are the worse on contractor difficulty, 1 rocket & you are down for the count. After climbing a set of stairs to the top of the temple you finally come face to face with Jonas.

Expecting a final boss showdown we went in with full ammo & ready to kick ass but only to be met with another "make a choice" dialogue ??!! What an anti-climax . Go for the obvious option to shoot Jonas & well done you have completed the game.

Very disappointed with the ending was expecting a tough final boss fight. You can download DLC which continues the story but with Halo Reach only days away I will give it a miss. It is an enjoyable co-op game but the storyline is weak. I would say the original is better because the 40th day is just more of the same style of gun shooting fist bumping action. Now a breather for a few days until the 14th ....

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