Wii - Dust Off

I blew the dust off the wii, gave it a polish & turned it on. It's been over a year since it's last been used . After setting up the wireless, system updates & configuring a new 8gb sdhc card. It was time for the kids & me to have some fun. First the kids wanted to alter their mii characters, after all they have grown in a year & favourite colour choice is important. Then to test the new BBC iplayer channel Charlie & Lola obviously, works a treat & very impressed by the ease of use, I can see the kids using this a lot. Next Everybody Votes, why? Don't know but the kids enjoy it so a few questions answered & then onto actually playing a game TV Show King wiiware download. We were lucky to find enough batteries to configure all 4 controllers & opted to play a 3 round competition. Your usual quiz type affair except the majority of questions are for Adults. Needless to say I won. In summary then it was enjoyable experience playing with all the kids together, it is a family console & for that reason it might get played when we are together as a family. I now have a list of games to buy & some rechargeable batteries might also be a good idea. Feel free to recommend me any titles Retail or Wiiware?

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