Army of Two 40th Day

The advantages of having a 12 year old son is that I can now enjoy local co-op gaming, this brings with it unfortunately some disadvantages in that in some games he is much better than me most notably Halo 3 & any driving game. We have now completed quite a few Xbox 360 co-op games ( I will post a complete list another day) the most recent being Gears of War 2. Having completed that we had Army of Two 40th day ready to unwrap & install to the 360 hard drive.

Warning this game has glitchy achievements which have not been patched by EA, especially the softcore (50g) achievement. I did not get this on our first run so after debating with Abbas we started the game again on 1 save file ensuring we did not select chapters but just using the continue option on the save file.

Upon starting the game you get to choose your character I'm Rios & Abbas is Salem & then the difficulty. Do we go easy, normal or contractor (Hard)?  Contractor it is then because we are only going to play the game once so we might as well get as many achievements along the way. After basic training session we get let loose to customise our weapons I'm happy with my pimped out Scar, whilst Abbas chooses a M4 assault rifle. There are some collectibles in the game Radio's & Neko cats, get these all (2 in each chapter I think) to get some easy achievements.

Back to the game we have played Chapter 1 & 2 on our first attempt so this time we ran through these again quite quickly but I forget to pick up the cats in Chapter 2 (something to maybe come back to later). If you have played the first Army of Two game then  this is more of the same but in a different setting. We have just completed Chapter 2 killing the Big Boss on our 4th attempt !!


  1. I love a decent co-op game. I played Halo 3 co-op with my boy Jamie, and I have fond memories of playing the Baldur's Gate : Dark Alliance games with him when he was younger too.

  2. Dark Alliance was a great game on the PS2 could do we with an update to the latest gen. How old is your son? The Army of Two games, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 & Gears of War games are great for co-op. Also the Lego games are great for younger kids co-op