Alpha Protocol

The cover says Espionage RPG on reality this game is a test your patience RPG. How long before you are sending foul mouth abuse at the game for it's poor design be it either the erratic camera angle, the dreadful graphics, the poor enemy AI or the infuriating mini games. Obsidian are no newcomers to making RPGs but even I fail to understand how they could make such a poor game. I could only manage 40 mins of gameplay before I ejected the game in disgust. Beaten by another annoying mini game interruption which I failed to understand how to complete in the small time limit given. Failure then sets off the alarms which result in enemies swarming on your location. I have read many reviews that say if you persist, there is a game somewhere in this mess but for me I do not have the patience or the willpower to carry on. This purchase is a lesson learnt don't buy any games from Play.com sales just because they are cheap & you hope they are good. If you are looking for an action adventure rpg then Fallout 3 or Mass Effect (which will be my next purchase) when I get rid of this pile of poop. I'm now praying like every other 360 gamer that Obsidian do not screw up Fallout New Vegas but I do not hold out much hope. If I don't buy Fallout New Vegas then the games I will be buying for the rest of the year is beginning to look thin with only Halo Reach, Assassins Creed Brotherhood for the 360 & Civilization V for the PC.

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