Metal Gear Solid V - Quiet

Whilst waiting for episode 2 of Game of Thrones to download I returned to Metal Gear Solid V it took me a while to remember the controls. SNAKE !! Snake snaKE !!!!

I played a few side missions clearing out mines, rescuing prisoners & shooting all my sleep ammo into a bear to capture him. This helped my brain refresh the controller pad layout.

The boys always complain when I play because I take so long to complete a mission. I like to visit every outpost and clear them of soldiers & resources. I don't use lethal weapons only sleep or stun weapons so I can extract the soldiers back to my base to level up each platform.

I have mostly A rated soldiers or above on all of my platforms, I've upgraded the main platform to the max 4/4 & the others are on the third tier. To upgrade to the fourth stage requires a stupid amount of resources which I have some from the extracted containers but need to wait for them to be processed.

I have now unlocked Quiet to become a companion and she is very useful, I have her scout out an outpost & then cover me so I don't get attacked. I then analyse the soldiers looking for any S Rated soldiers to extract. The horse for a companion was useful for moving around the terrain but now I use a Jeep. I've not yet tried the D Walker companion to see if that is any good.

I've just completed mission 18 Blood Runs Deep & Quiet was very useful killing the enemies whilst I extracted the child soldiers. I understand why Quiet wears her skimpy outfit but I don't like it & with her bond now maxed out I have given her the gold outfit.

Episode 2 to 6 of Game of Thrones has now downloaded but for now I will continue with Metal Gear Solid V.

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