Splurge - Shadow of Mordor

Splurge YTD £50

I've been keeping an eye out for this game over the festive period to drop to £25 & purchased this morning.

It's been given game of the year award by quite a few gaming sites & I'm looking forward to experiencing the 'Nemesis' system.

I've gone over my limit of five PS4 games now with already Infamous Second Son, MGSV Ground Zero, Metro Redux, AC Unity, Dragon Age Inquisition sat on the shelf.

I don't think there is any other retail PS4 game that I'm tempted to purchase (famous last words) until Batman Arkham Knight so hopefully the above will keep me gaming for the next six months & MGSV Ground Zero is really only an hour long demo so that will bring me back down to my limit of five. I'm not really counting Destiny or Fifa 14 which seem to have taken up residence on the gaming shelf.

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