Destiny - Level 31

I was disappointed with the Dark Below expansion because it introduced new armour with a higher light rating thus making all of my equipped armour useless.

I spent some strange coins purchasing upgrades for my exotic chest armour & auto rifle. The purple legendary items had no upgrade path so I had to earn vanguard marks & purchase armour from the traders. Typically after spending 120 marks to purchase a new helmet the game decided to reward me with a purple helmet engram in my next vanguard strike.

I'm still waiting for Xur to have IceBreaker & need to purchase another heavy machine gun with the new higher stats.

Truthfully I exoected more content, I would have been happy with a whole new planet to explore but what we got is a chase through three story missions, a strike & ending with the raid I assume to kill Crota.

The Vault of Glass raid is very enjoyable & I'm looking forward to playing the new raid once the UGVM guys have levelled up.

I now have a love/hate relationship with the game I love the gameplay but hate some of the design choices Bungie have decided. I understand MMOs evolve over time & it is still a fairly new genre to me. I just wished all my efforts to date on upgrading my equipment was not wiped away with the release of an expansion. I fully expect when the next expansion arrives Bungie will do the same but like the addict I am I'll still come back.

I've enjoyed the 200+ hours I've put into the game but I have other games on the shelf to enjoy. I'll still do the weekly strikes & I will be back for the raids once the UGVM players are ready.

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