Destiny - Warlock

After getting my Titan to lvl29 I've been trying to collect Ascendant Energy to upgrade my weapons. I did not have a chance to do a raid attempt but did manage to complete the weekly & nightfall strike to collect another 18 coins but Xur again this week did not have the IceBreaker.

I did not get on with the sunsinger class on the Warlock so I've changed to Void Walker. The grenade seem to be more useful & the nova bomb super attack more useful than the 'super-saiyan' of the sunsinger class.

I've put nearly 150 hours into this game now & it's still very addictive, I'm going to try & step back a bit to go and finish off Knack & start Wolfenstein which arrived at the weekend.

Only a simple target next week to get my warlock to level 20 so I can equip the exotic chest plate that is sat in the vault.

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